‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 17: Into The Woods | TV Review



As my my review of the last few episodes have made clear my patience for this show has gone. This episode does very little to alleviate my concerns and frustrations.


The Jim Gordon (Ben McKensie) centric arc is boring until he is thrown up against some more interesting and colourful villains in the case The Riddler (Cory Michael Smith). This formation has been a well-written slowly generating dissent for a likeable character and predictably the show ruins it. The rushed climax of the Riddler storyline is necessary to clear Gordon of the murder he didn’t commit but the show isnt concerned with murder he is guilty of!


This does lead to a great interrogation scene between the two but the Gordon escaping and always coming out on top is tiresome, I don’t think that is a spoiler as it is so predictable.


Bullock (Donal Logue) is criminally underused as he provides some much needed brevity and lightness to the Gordon charisma vacuum. I do not think Ben Mckensie gives a bad performance it is the fault of the writers/showrunners with the decisions and lines they have created for the character.


Other things are also rushed to a conclusion including the Bruce/Selina narrative and the Cinderella reversal of Penguin’s (Robin Lord Taylor) recent melodrama. Other strands seem to continue to develop including Hugo Strange’s (BD Wong) experiment with unhinged individuals that now include Gordon’s ex Barbara (Erin Richards).


So a very disappointing run of episodes continues. The show devalues itself with so many episodes in the series where a 10-12 episode run would create a much stronger series.



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