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Graham Norton speaks on the future of his chat show


BAFTA Awards presenter and award-winning talk show host Graham Norton has said that he wants to hate his show before the public does. He made the remark ahead of last night’s (May 18) BAFTA Awards ceremony, while explaining how long he wants to continue his talk show. The show has been active for over seven years and Norton claims that to be a good host, you simply should be able to talk to people. He revealed that the shows longevity is due to the show’s ever changing format, whether it is the channel, show order or new games. He credits his favourite guests as the ones who become interested in each other and host the show for him


“It’s one of those weird things – I don’t know. I always said I’d retire at 50, but now I’m 51 and I’m still doing it and we’re doing it for the future, I guess. And I’m still enjoying it. It’s not like a chore. It’s not like this awful thing that I’ve got to force myself to do – I like doing it, I like going to work. So hopefully I will start to hate it before the public start to hate it, and so I’ll step away just before people are going, ‘F**k off!'” – Graham Norton



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