Grand Rapids Indie Band Pretoria Unveil New Track ‘Seven’

Grand Rapids-based indie sensation Pretoria have just released their latest single, “Seven,” marking another vibrant addition to their growing discography.

The track, released on January 19, 2024, delves into the emotional complexity of ending a situationship, a theme that resonates deeply with many. The single embodies the band’s knack for blending introspective lyrics with an upbeat musical backdrop, making it a standout piece in their collection.

“Seven” draws its inspiration from the personal experiences of lead vocalist Rob Gullett, reflecting on the tumultuous emotions of trying to part ways in a relationship that lacks clear definition. The song’s title signifies the seventh time Gullett found himself in such a predicament, adding a deeply personal layer to the narrative.

The lyrics navigate through feelings of confusion, anxiety, and a desperate yearning for connection, set against the sunny and dynamic instrumentals that have become Pretoria’s hallmark.

The band’s unique sound is further enhanced by the trio of guitarists—Josh Bilisko, Matt Burdick, and Matt Pavlock—whose intricate riffs and melodies infuse “Seven” with an anthemic quality. This latest release showcases Pretoria’s ability to craft songs that are both emotionally rich and musically invigorating.

Pretoria’s journey in the music scene is characterized by their electrifying live performances and a strong commitment to the DIY ethos. With a debut album already captivating listeners and plans for a Midwest tour in 2024, the band is poised for greater heights. Their goal of having their music featured in a major coming-of-age film speaks to their ambition and the cinematic quality of their sound.

“Seven” is not just a song but a testament to Pretoria’s evolving artistry and their deep understanding of the human experience. As they continue to release more music and embark on their tour, Pretoria is undeniably a band to watch, offering a refreshing voice in the indie rock scene.

Listen to “Seven” below!


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