Pretty Crimes Continue Genre-Fluid Journey In Indie Music With ‘Every Moment All At Once’

Raleigh-based band Pretty Crimes is set to release their sophomore album, Every Moment All at Once, on February 2, 2024. The band, known for their “genre fluid” approach, incorporates a wide range of styles from indie folk to dream pop-esque electronica and 90s alt-rock. This blend of genres underlines their versatility and creativity in the indie music scene.

Every Moment All at Once is a follow-up to their debut album You Have Your Mind. The main songwriters, Dan Irving and Em Edgerton, began conceptualizing the EP in 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic providing them with the opportunity to focus and refine their ideas for the project, resulting in a collection that spans various styles and themes.

The album explores the connections between people and the different facets of one’s identity shaped through these relationships. The band aims to delve into how relationships help uncover aspects of ourselves, both admirable and challenging.

The album is teased through two EPs on Spotify, showcasing the diversity of their music. Tracks like “Still Waiting” and “Plans” display a Zevon-style indie pop influence, while “New Years” and “Knowing Silence” offer a unique blend of Polyphonic Spree-meets-grunge. An electronic interlude, “If You Are There,” leads the album towards an indie rock folk path, connecting all the thematic and musical elements of the album.

Pretty Crimes consists of members Dan Irving, Em Edgerton, Mike Freeman, and Alan “Chico” Marines, with Dylan Turner also contributing as a producer. Their music is influenced by a wide array of artists and genres, making them stand out in the indie music landscape. The upcoming album Every Moment All at Once is a testament to their talent and innovative approach to music-making.

Listen to a preview of their Every Moment All at Once album below!


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