Green Day’s Unreleased Song ‘Stay’ Has Been Unearthed 30 Years Later | Music News


Green Day have just released a brand new recording of a song they created 30 years ago, called “Stay“, and now you can listen to it, if you haven’t heard it before! While it is technically an old tune for them, it’s brand new to us, so we’re treating it that way. The song was recorded in 1989, which believe it or not, was actually 30 years ago now…


It is very reminiscent of their old tunes, with a very rock and roll vibe, however it starts off slowly, and builds over time, creating a beautiful crescendo against the hard hitting lyrics.


These lyrics are taken from Lyric Genius, where the song is currently named World vs World:


“I’ve got this feeling that’s coming over me
I’m feeling bad about things as you can see
You’ve got this fire that i’m trying to find
Don’t you know that you’re my only desire
I love to listen and hear your gentle voice
You take me their your Skin so soft and moist
You talk to me and it makes me feel better
I know the reason I’ve been so wrong about you
I love to listen to your words, girl, and what you say
Take my reasons cos you know i believe you should stay?
Look in my eyes and tell me what you find
With passion burning I know it’s hard to find
I’ll write a letter and send it to you with love
I’d like to know, what are your thoughts about us?
A gentle kiss and then I wonder why
You’ve dried the tears for so many years i’ve cried
That emotion, when I think of us
Would you of guessed what we have now”


Listen to the new recording of “Stay” here:




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