‘Green Lantern’ Reboot Could Feature Multiple Lanterns, Chris Pine Rumoured To Star | Film News


After the flop that followed the 2011 Green Lantern film, Warner Bros. are desperate not to make the same mistake again. Nearly a decade after the first film, DC Movie Universe is set to release a reboot in 2020, and sources say that the movie may not encapsulate the story of one protagonist, by including multiple Green Lanterns.


Hal Jordan is the most famous Lantern, and was the subject of the 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds, but was not the only Lantern. The new film is said to include the additions of Guy Gardner and John Stewart, who followed the role in the comics post-Jordan, and Star Trek star Chris Pine is in talks to play Jordan for the 2020 Lantern film.


The news of multiple Lanterns has only been confirmed for the standalone film, however it is almost certain that the multiple lanterns will show up for the 2017 and 2019 Justice League movies as well.



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