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A Gremlins animated series is in the works for WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming platform. The original Gremlins film, released in 1984, followed a bunch of stuffed toys coming to life and reeking havoc around Christmas time. It was enough of a hit to warrant a sequel and develop a long-standing fanbase. Despite that, there hasn’t been a Gremlins-related product in over twenty years, until now.


The series is touted as a period piece set before the timeline of the original film. The show will follow a young Mr. Wing as he travels around the world with his Mogwai, Gizmo.


Tze Chun (Gotham) is writing and producing the series. He also previously directed the 2013 Bryan Cranston-led film Cold Comes The Night, and co-founded the comic book publisher TKO Studios.


WarnerMedia’s streaming service is expected to launch later this year, and Gremlins is thought to be a launch title. However that would put a lot of strain on the creators and animators working on the show, so it seems more likely to arrive in 2020. That was what Kevin Reilly, Chief Creative Officer of Turner, previously said we can expect original content on the platform.


There’s a possibility the first season is a short one, and that Gremlins can be ready for the 2019 launch. That seems unlikely though.


Don’t expect the Gremlins series to be the last rebooted version of Warner IP either, as the platform is expected to develop many new shows based on existing content. They will also air existing shows, while shifting some of their homegrown properties away from their current homes such as Netflix.



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