Guatemalan Artist Ceeopatra Shares Acoustic Version Of New Single ‘New Sheets’

Emerging Guatemalan artist, Ceeopatra, has unveiled a captivating acoustic rendition of her single “New Sheets“.

The track, emanating from Ceeopatra’s debut album, IX-SHELL, is enhanced by her deep and soulful voice. It gracefully weaves through a minimalist acoustic production characterized by a haunting guitar melody, illustrating a young woman navigating the intricate paths of self-discovery.

In her music, Ceeopatra skillfully balances strength and vulnerability, addressing themes such as love, heartache, growth, and transformation.

Her partnership with the acclaimed musician and producer, Jan Faati, results in a soundscape that perfectly complements her versatile and dream-like vocal stylings.

The debut album, IX-SHELL, comprises ten exquisite tracks, accompanied by mellow musical arrangements. These compositions emphasize Ceeopatra’s vocal dexterity, utilizing soft synth swells, ethereal pads, and rhythmic electronic beats.

Her soulful jazz inflections not only convey profound, authentic emotions, but they also showcase the confidence and flair of a seasoned artist at her creative zenith.

Ceeopatra’s unique style is as diverse as her background. Born in Barcelona, raised in Germany, and deeply influenced by Guatemalan culture, she has cultivated a distinctive musical blend.

Her soundscape spans alternative R&B, hip hop, electronica, and Latin flavors, resulting in a unique and irresistible musical fusion.

You can immerse yourself in the acoustic allure of “New Sheets” by Ceeopatra below.


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