Emerging R&B/Soul Singer Romel Unveils New Single ‘Slippin’

The young and dynamic talent, Romel, merges pop-centric keys with mellow rhythms in his latest single, “Slippin”, which was released on June 28, 2023.

This enchanting summer hit underscores the 23-year-old singer’s maturing artistry, delivered through his soulful voice and underpinned by an effervescent melody.

“Creating the atmosphere around my vocals was the most fascinating part of this process, and the addition of bongos and 808s played a significant role in that,” Romel shares, shedding light on his creative journey.

Raised with a deep appreciation for music, Romel drew early inspiration from musical titans like Chris Brown, Musiq Soulchild, Usher, and Michael Jackson. His journey as a musician began in high school, where he started penning his own songs and sharing them on SoundCloud.

However, his music career briefly paused when he decided to attend college, aspiring for a career in acting. After graduation, Romel found himself yearning for the rhythms and melodies that had always fueled his passion, leading him back to music production.

Romel’s earnest and emotive songs quickly captivated audiences. His artistic breakthrough came with his debut EP, 2AM Thoughts: On The Local A, released in September 2018.

His musical journey continued with the heartfelt single “Choose To Love” in 2021. With his soulful tracks, Romel aspires to uplift spirits and bring positivity through music.

If you have an affinity for R&B and resonate with the music of artists like Khalid, Chris Brown, Usher, SZA, and Bruno Mars, you’re likely to enjoy Romel’s latest offering.

Dive into the musical universe of Romel and listen to “Slippin” below!


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