Gucci Fall/Winter 2024 Collection Leans Into Coats And Accessories At Milan Fashion Week

Sabato de Sarno‘s appeal for coats was on full display at the Gucci show during Milan Fashion Week. The designer’s taste for outerwear was evident throughout the collection, alongside the essential accessories that make the brand so successful.

The show opened with a simple yet elegantly cut short coat, emphasizing Gucci’s focus on outerwear. From classic black and camel coats adorned with subtle sequins to leather trench coats in bright colors like yellow and fir green, the collection offered a diverse range of options to suit everyone’s tastes.

Building upon last season’s “factory reset,” de Sarno continued to refine Gucci’s aesthetic, striking a balance between minimalism and the brand’s signature maximalist style. With a focus on accessories, including new top-handle bags and platform loafers, the collection aimed to captivate both loyal fans and new audiences.

In a time of declining sales within the luxury sector, the focus on coats, shoes, and bags reflects a strategic move to attract consumers looking for quality investment pieces. “I want people to fall in love with Gucci again,” he said in his own words.

As de Sarno presented his second collection for Gucci, the public, including celebrities like Solange and Kirsten Dunst, witnessed a blend of crystals, sequins, and leather.

The collection was all about the search for the extraordinary in the ordinary and the importance of linking dreams and reality. “In my fashion as in my dreams, the exercise is the same,” de Sarno writes in his show notes. “Because I am not searching for another world to live in, but rather of ways to live in this world.”

Overall, Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection embodies Mr. de Sarno’s dreams while emphasizing ease of use. It’s all a testament to the brand’s timeless appeal in an ever-changing fashion landscape.

See Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection in the pics below!


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