Haitian American Artist Sherie Unveils New Single ‘ETA’

Sherie, an esteemed Haitian American artist and songwriter, known for her contribution to Ariana Grande’s hit “Positions,” unveils a captivating music video for her latest song, “ETA.” This video is a testament to her multifaceted talent and stands out as a cinematic masterpiece, thanks to the co-direction and production efforts of Lauren Hashian and Spicy Rico.

The video for “ETA” showcases Sherie’s diverse artistic skills. Known for her vocal prowess, songwriting talent, and classical training in violin, Sherie brings a unique blend of R&B femininity to the music scene. Her performance in the video demonstrates not just her musical abilities but also her skills in dance and movement, creating a visually stunning experience.

“ETA” is brought to life by the dynamic duo of Lauren Hashian of Seven Bucks Productions and Spicy Rico of Reel Goats. Their collaboration on this project marks their fifth music video together. The video features hip hop choreography and violin stylings, perfectly illustrating the song’s lyrics. The visual effects, set changes, and vibrant colors contribute to making this video a true work of art.

Sherie’s background is as impressive as her music. She has achieved significant milestones in her career, including a platinum Billboard #1 with “Positions,” and has toured worldwide, opening for stars like Alicia Keys and collaborating with Grammy Award-winning artists like H.E.R. Her versatility is evident in her ability to craft melodies in a range of genres, from R&B and pop to soul, urban, classic, and alternative sounds.

The video “ETA” is part of Sherie’s growing repertoire, following her singles “Alé,” “Candlelight,” and “Mile Away.” Sherie’s work extends beyond music, as she is also involved in acting and contributing to movie soundtracks.

Lauren Hashian and Spicy Rico have a proven track record of success in visual storytelling, including their work on the music video for “Exile” by Eric Zayne, featured in the blockbuster film “Black Adam.” Their collaboration with Sherie on “ETA” is another milestone in their impressive careers.

“ETA” by Sherie is more than just a music video; it is a showcase of artistic versatility and creative collaboration, promising to be a significant addition to her artistic journey.

Watch the music video for “ETA” below!


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