Louis Vuitton Bring Urban Cowboys To 2024 Paris Fashion Week

Saddle up, fashion enthusiasts, as Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton bring a breath of fresh air to men’s fashion with their Urban Cowboy Collection.

This Tuesday night, during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Williams, Louis Vuitton’s new creative director, unveiled his new 2024 Fall/Winter collection. This one blended the rugged spirit of the American West with cutting-edge urban style, paying tribute to Native Americans and black cowboys.

Entering the scene with a silhouette inspired by Native American culture, the model wore a long off-white coat with fringes and textured leaf details. The whole look was topped off with turquoise-blue details such as the earrings, the bag, and – more subtle – the buttons on the shirt.

The Rodeo collection features five must-have pieces that salute the classic cowboy attire. It begins with the art of mixing textures, the charm of cowboy hats, and the allure of bold accessories. From vintage leather jackets that tell tales of dusty trails to handcrafted boots, each item in the collection tells a story of adventure and style.

The Grammy Award-winning artist, Pharrell Williams, explained that the collection was not just about clothing but a journey through time and culture. The cowboy vibe soaks into the collection, with details like fringed jackets, denim with character, and accessories that nod to the fierce allure of the Wild West.

This collaboration challenges conventional fashion norms and broadens the horizons of men’s style. Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton have corralled creativity and authenticity, delivering a collection that transcends borders.

As the Urban Cowboy trend gains ground, the collaboration stands as a testament to cowboy aesthetics. So, let Louis Vuitton take us on a stylish ride into uncharted territories of men’s fashion!

See the looks by yourself just below!


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