‘Halloween’ Gets Back-To-Back Sequels In 2020 & 2021 | Film News


After 2018’s Halloween was a hit, we’ve all been patiently waiting on news regarding the sequel. It turns out there will not be one follow-up, but two. Producer and series creator John Carpenter took to Twitter to announce that there will be back-to-back sequels, beginning in 2020.



So, October 16, 2020 will deliver us Halloween Kills. Then, on October 15, 2021, we get Halloween Ends. There aren’t many more details right now, although we do know both films will continue the saga of Laurie Strode, and David Gordon Green is returning to direct. Halloween Kills is written by Green, Danny McBride, and Scott Teems, while Halloween Ends is written by just Green and McBride.


First, kudos for not just calling the sequels Halloween 2 or Halloween 3 again. The new titles are good and help differentiate this series from the many other sequels in the franchise. What’s most interesting is how these films will continue the narrative.


2018’s Halloween ended on what felt like a cathartic, definite ending, with three generations of women finally slaying the beast that had haunted them – until a little moment teased that Michael may not be dead after all. How will these next two films continue from that? And can you build suspense when an audience knows another film is coming? And will a slasher franchise like Halloween become repetitive?


The 2018 reboot was also heavy on nostalgia. Can the sequels move away from that and create a satisfying ending to Laurie’s story? These are all questions Green, McBride and co. will have to answer. This is a very intriguing and exciting time for Halloween fans. Having ignored the previous sequels in the franchise, the writers will now have to prove they can write them better than their predecessors.



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