Hana Lili Shares Raw Exploration Of Relationships In ‘Basement’

Although Hana Lili has only put out two EPs so far, she’s proving herself as a complete artist, with her raw and engaging songwriting skills featured in her latest release “Basement”.

“Basement,” delves into the depths of relationships with raw emotion and a distinctive alt-pop sound. Drawing inspiration from iconic female artists of the ’90s and infusing it with a punky emo vibe, Hana creates an empowering track.

In this particular track, she explores the theme of trust in a relationship, symbolizing hidden lies with the phrase “friendly fires in the basement.” Through her honest lyrics and emotive vocals, she captures the complex feelings of disappointment and realization when the foundations of a seemingly perfect relationship crumble.

“All along, there was a fire in the basement of our relationship, always there; I had just never seen it before until it was too late. I wrote the song to express my disappointment and mixed emotions in a cathartic way. It became a way to convey the complex feelings that arose when the foundations of my once happy relationship disappeared”, she explained in her own words.

Collaborating with producer Daniel Newcombe (JERUB), along with David Plumb and Mark Vallance (Tom Walker), Hana brings her vision to life. Her journey from the small Welsh village of Sully to the stages of Coldplay stadiums has shaped her authentic storytelling style, rooted in both local folk traditions and modern influences.

With previous singles like “Small Talk,” Hana showcases her versatility while staying true to her genre influences. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Cardigans, Nirvana, and Fleetwood Mac, she’s also capable of creating a more grungy sound.

Now supported by radio stations such as Radio 1 and BBC Radio Wales, Hana’s rise on the music scene has led her to look back to the days when she was learning production in her bedroom studio, and admire her career path.

As she continues to evolve as an artist, “Basement” marks a new stage in her promising career, paving the way for what’s to come.

Listen to “Basement” below!


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