Harrison Ford & Ed Helms To Star In Comedy ‘The Miserable Adventures Of Burt Squire’ | Film News


Harrison Ford and Ed Helms have signed on to star in the absurdly named comedy, The Miserable Adventures Of Burt Squire Aboard The Horn High Yo. STXfilms are developing the project. Ben Bolea has penned the screenplay.


The movie is inspired by a true story, and revolves around a family man in the midst of a midlife crisis who embarks on what he hopes would be a dream sailing vacation. However, he ends up shipwrecked in the Atlantic Ocean with a charming but unhinged sea captain.


Ford playing a weird sea captain in a ridiculously named film sounds intriguing, at least. STX might benefit from cinemas being closed due to the pandemic though, as no one’s going to get that title right when buying their tickets.


STXfilms Chairman Adam Fogelson said in a statement: “There’s no one better than Ed Helms to play an everyday guy who gets saddled with every comedic misfortune life could throw his way, and Harrison is going to create yet another memorable and iconic character as an unhinged sea captain. Instead of a road-trip comedy, we can’t wait to see these unlikely buddies in this seafaring comedy”.


Helms is best known for comedies such as The Hangover, The Office, Tag and Vacation. This is his wheelhouse. Ford, not so much. He’s tried comedy before, but the results have usually ended up being duds such as Hollywood Homicide. Maybe he’s due a good one. Hopefully this can be more memorable than its full length title. Quick, without looking, what’s this movie called again?


Helms is currently set to host the NBC show True Story alongside Randall Park, which will feature true stories by Americans reenacted by comedians. Ford will star in Indiana Jones 5, now helmed by James Mangold, and the narrative adaptation of absorbing documentary series The Staircase.



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