‘Harry Potter’ Spin Off ‘Deadly Beasts’ Lands Movie Deal | Film News

J.K Rowling book series ‘Deadly Beasts’ lands a movie deal


The Harry Potter spin off Deadly Beasts, written by author J.K Rowling has landed a movie deal. It was recently announced that all three of the Deadly Beast novels will be made into films, with Warner Bros CEO being credited with getting the novels on to the big screen.


The first book ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ hit book stores in 2001, with the book series following the Ministry of Magic employee Newt Scamander travelling the world to discover new creatures unknown to muggles. The film will be set around 70 years before Harry Potter found out he is a wizard, so is unlikely to have any feature appearances from Potter, Ron or Hermione.



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