George Lopez To Be More Honest & Aggressive On New TV Show ‘Saint George’ | TV News

George Lopez new TV show ‘Saint George’ will be honest


George Lopez recently revealed that his new TV show Saint George will show a more honest and direct side to his personality. The TV chat show host says receiving abuse on Twitter and being forced to defend himself is what brought on this approach – he reportedly received a nasty comment telling his to return to his native country of Mexico.


His new found approach has caused him to lose a lot of fans but he has gained even more. Saint George is based on Lopez’s real life as he plays a newly divorced entrepreneur. In the TV show, his character teaches History at night school once a week. During the 10-episode season, Lopez tries to juggle his family life with his career which consists of his son, mother, uncle and cousin. The show will air on Thursdays at 9pm on ABC.



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