Harvey Keitel To Play Gangster Meyer Lansky In Biopic | Film News


Harvey Keitel, no stranger to playing mobsters and gangsters, has signed on to portray another. The legendary actor will play notorious gangster Meyer Lansky in a new biopic directed by Eytan Rockaway.


The film will revolve around an ageing Lansky living in anonymity in Miami after being investigated and pursued for decades by the FBI. However, when he enlists a young journalist named David Stone to to tell his story, police use Stone as a pawn to track down the hundreds of millions of dollars Lansky has been suspected of stashing.


Sam Worthington will play Stone. Emory Cohen, Austin Stowell are also on board the film, while Alexandra Daddario and Tony Danza are in advanced talks to join. Although director Rockaway isn’t a huge name, he’s the perfect person to direct the project: the film is partially based on interviews conducted with the real-life Lansky by Rockaway’s father, history professor Robert Rockaway.


As mentioned, Keitel has played plenty of mobsters and real-life gangsters. In fact, Lansky won’t be the only one he’s playing this year. When Martin Scorsese‘s highly-anticipated The Irishman finally arrives, Keitel will be seen as Angelo Bruno. One role may overshadow the other.


The Lansky biopic will enter production in August.



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