Havelock – Pig Latin | New Music


London’s newest emerging artist has announced himself onto the music stage. After a fair bit of anticipation from fans, indie artist Havelock has officially unveiled his debut single “Pig Latin“.


Against the canvas of hip-hop infused drum breaks, synths and dreamy guitars, Havelock’s eclectic vocal tone and experimental rap flow shines through. His interest in combining forward thinking sonic landscapes along with memorable melodies and trademark British twang is one that seeks to excite listeners. Not only has Havelock found his pocket, but he is thriving in his uniqueness


Having grown up in the countrysides of Kent, he quickly concluded from a young age that the country lifestyle wasn’t for him, and always yearned to be immersed in the hustle and bustle of London. Having moved in 2016 he got to work writing about his experiences in this new environment – the highs and lows, the romance and hardships, the comforts and gloom.



Havelock has acquired quite the loyal cult fanbase and it’s clear to see that this is only the start of a blooming season for the elusive yet highly desired artist.



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