Hayley Reardon Drops Inspiring New Single ‘If I Fall’ | Music News


Singer and songwriter Hayley Reardon has just released her newest single “If I Fall”, an emotional folk track with a sweet melody perfect for a chill evening at home.


Born just outside Boston in 1996, Hayley Reardon grew up in Massachusetts, where she quickly made her name stand out from the local folk music scene, after she discovered her passion for songwriting from an early age, when she started playing her mom old guitar.


Her sincere lyrics and rich voice make Hayley Reardon works remind of artists like Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams and Tracy Chapman, and despite her young age, she has already received many positive critics such as the praise from Performer Magazine, that described her as “brilliantly moving folk/pop with a lyrical depth and soul”.


Her latest single “If I Fall” is definitely a moving track. She found inspiration from a quote by Baal Shem Tov that reads “Let me fall if I must fall. The one I will become will catch me”. About her inspiring new release, the artist stated: “This song was a personal manifesto of sorts written to prepare myself for a time of great change”.


With its soft melody, engaging guitar sound and smooth vocals, the honest single “If I Fall” from Hayley Reardon will surely inspire you and give you strength during these hard times.


Listen to it here:




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