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20-years-old writer and composer from Essex Joseph Snell released his soothing and uplifting single “I See No Wrong” on March 27!


The artist was immersed in music from an early age. He grew up in a creative family, which gave him a taste for good music. He started music at school, playing in a band. The frontman of the band Arran who was a good friend of Joseph’s died in 2014 of a brain tumor. This led to a disinterest in music in Joseph’s life. After this sad event, he and a friend helped research for the fight against cancer.


In 2016, he won the BBC Teen Hero Award, made some recordings at Maida Vale Studios and rediscovered his love of music. The artist tells us that since he rediscovered his love for music, his quality of life has improved, and he doesn’t want to do without it.


Now living in Liverpool, he writes and records songs, including “I See No Wrong”. The song represents the relationship the artist has had with music, moving from love, to frustration and the rediscovery of that love. In this track, you can hear the melody of a soft guitar that will soothe you from the first notes. Joseph’s calm voice will make you forget all your worries and take you far away.


Listent to it here:




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