HBO Developing Female Skateboarding Comedy Based On ‘Skate Kitchen’ | TV News


Per Variety, HBO is developing a female skateboarding comedy series inspired by the film Skate Kitchen. The series is currently untitled, but is set against the backdrop of New York City and will follow a diverse group of young women navigating their lives through the predominantly male-orientated world of skateboarding.


Crystal Moselle and Lesley Arfin are developing the series. Moselle directed Skate Kitchen, which brilliantly juggled the universality of a coming-of-age movie with the niche yet respectfully-captured world of skateboarding. It also had a killer soundtrack. The duo will write and executive produce the series, while Moselle is also attached to direct.


“As girls we were never brave enough to try skateboarding”, said Moselle and Arfin in a statement. “We’re excited to work on a project that could potentially get other girls to feel inspired enough to face their fears, fight the patriarchy and start shredding. Women are changing the game across industries all over this country. Why not add skateboarding to that list?”


Moselle is also known for her award-winning documentary The Wolfpack, which revolved around a family who homeschooled their seven children, who then got all their pop culture knowledge from movies. Arfin co-created the Netflix series Love along with Judd Apatow and Paul Rust, which ran for three seasons. She was also an original writer on another HBO series, Girls.


Skate Kitchen is currently pretty underseen, but it is the kind of film that quickly develops a cult following. If this series can capture the same visceral, emotionally resonant vibe of the film, then it will be just as great.



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