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Crichton, who wrote the original, was also behind Jurassic Park, which has very familiar themes and general parallels.


Though it did not have an official presence at Comic-Con on Saturday, executive producer Jonathon Nolan, whilst talking about his other upcoming show Person of Interest, took some time to show off a trailer and reveal some fresh images of the highly-anticipated, upcoming remake of Westworld. The sci-fi techno fear thriller will be networking on HBO.


Westworld is a 1973 science fiction western-thriller film, about amusement park robots that malfunction after a power surge and begin killing visitors, written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton, two decades before he wrote Jurassic Park.


“People who come into this place are looking for — and this is the irony of it — the authentic experience. They’re looking for not the virtual version, but the real version, the tactile version. Interestingly we’ve arrived at what the original film created — fully immersive virtual worlds. ‘What happens in Westworld stays in Westworld’. It’s a place where you can be whoever the fuck you want to be and there are no consequences. No rules, no limitations”, Nolan said.


The cast, as you can see in some of the following images, includes Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood, Miranda Otto, James Marsden and Jeffrey Wright. While no confirmed date was released during the San Diego convention, the show has been extended from a theorized 2015 launch to next year.




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