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The Hellboy reboot has been pushed back. Summit Entertainment announced that they will be releasing the David Harbour-led reboot four months later than expected. It was originally scheduled to arrive Friday, January 11, but will now hit cinemas Friday, April 12 instead.


This is only a small delay, and is probably a good one for the film. Previously scheduled to arrive in January, that may have been a bit of a death knell for the reboot, as January is notoriously when American studios dump films they don’t have high hopes for. Now, Hellboy gets a chance to be a real hit in April, which has now become the de facto start of the massive summer movie season.


The new release date puts the film directly up against the Robert Downey Jr.-led film The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle at Universal, and a week after another comic book release, DC’s Shazam. It will be interesting to see how both Hellboy and Shazam perform, considering they originated in the same medium but couldn’t be more different tonally.


The move suggests that Summit have confidence in the film, despite not having auteur Guillermo Del Toro at the helm as he was in the original two films. This reboot is being helmed by Neil Marshall (The Descent), who is directing from a new story by comics creator Mike Mignola. Mila Jovovich is playing the villain, while Ian McShane and Daniel Dae Kim are also a part of the cast.


The movie is expected to be R-rated, which should excite fans. There’s a good chance the first trailer drops next week at New York Comic-Con.



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