Here’s How Dermot O’Leary Would Improve ‘The X Factor’| TV News



Dermot O’Leary hosted The X Factor for 8 years, so if anyone knows a thing or two about how to improve the show, Dermot does. In an interview with the Radio Times, O’Leary was on hand to offer Simon Cowell some advice on how he thinks he could get The X Factor back on track.


First up, O’Leary would give The X Factor a year-long break from our TV schedules, to give it a ‘rest.’ He’d then alter the set up by replacing the current arena auditions with the traditional ‘room’ auditions – where contestants auditioned in front of the judging panel only. And it sounds like if O’Leary had his way, the Six Chair Challenge would also be given its marching orders. O’Leary confirmed that he felt “really uncomfortable” with the Six Chair Challenge, and used it to highlight the differences between The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing in his comparison of the two shows: “I don’t think it’s a particularly nice bit of television. One of the reasons people like Strictly is because Strictly is a very warm show, and I think you’ve got to keep that in mind.”


For those of you that have been missing the genial host, Dermot O’Leary will return to ITV at 7.30pm on Wednesday January 20 to present the National TV Awards.



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