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London-based British Nigerian History teacher Tumi Olaoshun is proud to unveil her first published work, an inspirational dating and relationship book titled What They Don’t Tell You About Being Single, released independently on Saturday, June 30, 2018. She managed to pen her first book, whilst being a full time History teacher in North West London, where she has been teaching for six years.


Being 30 year old and an unmarried Christian, she has a little bit of experience in this area. Being single in 2018 is tough, but being Christians and adding Christian values into the mix, is a whole new ball game. It is with that perspective, that she writes her new book. Documenting some of the lessons she has learned along the way, some painful, with the perspective of a millennial 30 year old.


Marriage and relationships are probably one of the most talked about topic within Christian circles. Questions ranging from who should I marry? To how do I even go about getting into a relationship with Christian values in 2018? Tumi writes the book looking at the things that she was unaware of as a Christian woman and relationships.


She believes that there are some issues that are less openly discussed among younger christian women, like how do you deal with sex before marriage? How do I know if a guy is being intentional? In the 21st Century, surely I can make the first move right? These questions and more are floating in the minds of many Christian women, but the answers are not always obvious.


Many women may be reluctant to talk about these vulnerable matters of the heart, because it IS so close the heart. This was certainly the case for Tumi. Everybody makes mistakes and despite what many may think, Christians are not exempt from that rule.


It is time to talk about the things that most are thinking of, but perhaps too frightened to say aloud. It is with this purpose, Tumi has stepped out, shared some of her most vulnerable moments with truth and humour in hope to shed some light on this grey area.


Speaking about how her What They Don’t Tell You About Being Single book came about, Tumi Olaoshun says, “I wrote this book because I was tired of making the same mistakes, when it came to relationships and men. I was even more surprised when I would have conversations with my girlfriends or younger friends and they would share the same issues.


Despite what the world thinks, there is a growing generation who love Jesus and desire to honour him, even with their romantic relationships. Does this book have all the answers? Absolutely not, that’s what the bible is for. But I figured, if I have had learnt some of these lessons earlier, perhaps I could have avoided some of these mistakes. It is often said, our mistakes and successes are not just for us but for others to learn from”.


What They Don’t Tell You About Being Single is out now via www.tumininu.com and Amazon



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