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President Trump’s new budget proposal will cut funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities. Naturally, everything Donald Trump does is met with protest, but the outraged voice of Hollywood ringing loud and clear carries the dissent even further.


Four-time Oscar nominee Jane Alexander tweeted: “Calling all artists and arts lovers, make your voices heard: SAVE THE NEA”.


Avengers star Mark Ruffalo channeled the Hulk’s infamous rage with multiple tweets slamming the GOP Budget for destruction. “GOP Budget for destruction… We have two wolves inside us, war and peace. The one you feed is the one that leads,” he warned.


Julie Andrews and her daughter wrote a letter in response to the proposal.


This is mind-boggling to us, considering how much the arts benefit our lives and our world,” she shared to CNN. “They foster collaboration and creativity, essential skills for navigating in the workplace and surviving in a challenging world. They cultivate empathy and tolerance, by bridging cultural and socioeconomic divides”.


In addition to the talent of the industry, three major Hollywood guilds (DGA, WGA and SAG-AFTRA) released a joint statement today to protest the budget proposal.


As a source of inspiration, action and economic growth our country’s creative arts are integral to our culture, our American identity and our democracy. Access to the arts has fueled generations of great Americans, uplifted communities and helped heal our nation’s greatest divides,” read the statement.


Cutting federal support of these programs will not only hurt artists and those who benefit from their work, it will also send a damaging message to future generations about the power of art and its place in our culture”.


Trump’s first proposed budget, revealed today, would cut down the current $445 million budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by 100%, despite this funding being vital to programming and broadcast operations on public television stations and nationwide NPR radio stations. The new budget would also cut funding for national endowments.



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