Six Bomb – Getting Prettier (After) | Music Video


In an increasingly over-saturated entertainment industry, it’s not uncommon to see performers employ shock-tactics to grab the ever-flitting attention of audiences and girl group, Six Bomb, are no exception.


The originally six-membered girl group debuted under Pacemaker Entertainment in 2012. Five years have come and gone, and time saw the group lose members, disband and resurrect with a completely new lineup.


Six Bomb returned to the Korean music scene early 2016 with new song, Wait 10 Years Baby, and the weirdest pink latex costumes. Though the outfits generated some buzz online, interest died out quickly, but they didn’t let that deter them in the least.


Six Bomb dropped their third digital single, Getting Prettier Before, on February 8, amping up the shock factor by promoting with the concept of girls turning to plastic surgery to become prettier. Their album cover and teaser pictures all featured the girls with their faces completely covered in colorful bandages – a little creepy and a lot weird.


Looks like Getting Prettier Before was only a stepping stone for the group, though, because they just dropped the music video and digital single for Getting Prettier After, and it’s given the connotations of the previous song a literal meaning.


Despite South Korea’s conservative reputation, the girls of Six Bomb have embraced the controversial topic of plastic surgery – by receiving cosmetic surgery operations! Different sources have reported that three of the members had procedures totaling up to 95 million KRW (~ £68,000) while member Seul Bi’s nose job cost a whopping 5 million KRW (~ £3,500).


Plastic surgery costs about 100 million KRW (~ £70,000) for four members. We can’t explain exactly where we got procedures, but you can basically say that we got work done in parts above our waist,” shared the members.


Despite Six Bomb’s openness when discussing the controversial nature of their concept, netizens have many different opinions about the girls’ plastic surgery concept. Comments have ranged from disgust and pity to amusement, but the concept once again draws attention to one of the darker sides of the Korean entertainment industry – artists being forced by their agencies to receive cosmetic surgeries.


If you’re at a loss of what to make of Six Bomb’s “prettier” look, you can always just give their new song a listen. Getting Prettier After is a kitsch style EDM song and the music video shows the girls trading in their trademark pink latex outfits for some more Kim Yuna-esque sparkly costumes.




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