‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ Actress Marcia Strassman Dies Age 66 | Film News


Marcia Strassman has passed away at her home in Sherman Oaks, California, on Friday. She passed away after a long battle with breast cancer, her sister Julie Strassman has revealed. She had a recurring role on M*A*S*H as a nurse Margie Cutter during the first season. This was before her breakout role in Welcome Back, Kotter. Honey I Shrunk The Kids was her biggest acting role, where she was opposite Rick Moranis and its sequel Honey I Blew Up The Kids. Her sister, Julie said, “she was the funniest, smartest person I ever met and talented…They gave her 2.5 years to live but she lasted much longer”. She is also survived by her daughter Elizabeth “Lizzie” Collector and her brother Steven Strassman.



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