‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Episode 7 | TV Review

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‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Episode 7 | TV Review




So begins House of Cards Season 4.5. The stars have re-aligned resulting in the reunion of the political power couple that are Frank and Claire Underwood, it only took a quick liver transplant. This is the strongest episode of the series so far as it returns to what makes the show so great whilst adding fresh elements. Show runner Beau Willimon has taken the storylines well beyond the realms of reality but making the characters so authentic and intriguing grips the audience allowing those boundaries to be pushed.


This episode bring the Underwood couple back together and into the heart of a presidential race against young, fresh and social-media savvy couple The Conways, with Joel Kinnaman looking the complete political package with plenty of smarmy mannerism. It almost goes without saying how good Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright continue to be and we are spoilt with some great fourth wall breaking monologues that were sorely missed in the last couple of episodes.


Once again the episode closes with an almost cheer-inducing moment as the Underwoods vow to destroy their opponents after re-living when they first met the Conways in a very well-handled flashback sequence.


Bring it on, what lines will the Underwood’s cross now to maintain their power?



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