How To Look Fashionable On The Golf Course

When you think of golf it’s not often that your train of thought then moves to fashion, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Thanks to the variety of options available today, women can not only feel comfortable on the course but also look fashionable.

Golf wear has managed to walk the line between innovation and technology combined with trendy designs and create some incredible offerings. Here’s how you can look fashionable on the golf course without any sacrifice to comfort and function.

It’s All About the Fabric

Before you even start looking at styles and individual pieces that are trendy it’s important to check out the fabrics. Today’s fabrics are high-tech in that they help to keep you cool and dry, wicking away moisture as you sweat. They are also very lightweight, breathable, stretchy, hold their shape and tend to wash and dry fabulously.

If you want added technology and function, look for clothing that offers UPF protection of 50+ or higher. This means it will help to shield you from harmful UV rays.

You can find this tech in clothing and hats and it will be clearly labelled on the garment. You can shop women’s golf clothes online looking specifically for the UPF items.

Choose a Bold Pattern or Print

Long gone are the days when women’s golf clothing had to look boring to look professional; today, you can find many trendy prints and patterns. You can mix and match or choose a single pattern. These choices will add color and life to your face, instantly making you feel more fashionable.

Dresses and Skirts are Practical and Cute

>While golf shorts, capris and pants are common, they certainly aren’t the only option. If you want something that can feel more flowy and lightweight, while having a feminine side to it, then skirts and dresses are the way to go.

It’s not unusual to find golf skirts and dresses with shorts sewn on the inside. The shorts tend to be tight-fitting, like bike shorts, so they are discreet. It gives you peace of mind though, knowing you are fully covered if it’s windy or you’re bending down.

If you want to be ultra-trendy, look for shorter skirts that are pleated – similar to a tennis skirt. The golf version will be longer than a tennis skirt so it’s appropriate for the course.

Zippers Make a Piece Stylish and Comfortable

Another hot trend in women’s golf wear is the use of zippers. You’ll see this with tops especially. Long, short and sleeveless shirts feature quarter and half zips which allow you to customise how it looks and feels. Pair any of these with a sports bra and it will appear as though you’ve got a camisole under it for extra coverage.

With all of these women’s fashion tips, you’ll be able to step onto the golf course looking and feeling great. The old style of boring and drab golf clothing is long gone, as now you can make a fashion statement.

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