‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ Delayed Until 2017 | Film News


You’ll surely be no stranger to the fantastic movies that have been How to Train Your Dragon and its sequel. Well, following their huge successes, another sequel is set to be released. However, whereas the third film in the franchise was set to be released in 2016, it has been delayed by a whole year, so fans will not be getting a sequel until the 9th of June 2017.


The most recent film in the franchise was nothing short of spectacular, having been met with widespread critical praise. Unfortunately, the second film did take a staggering $40 million less than its predecessor, so fans can only hope that with the third film being delayed, more time will be allowed to make this film even better than the last.


Dean Deblois is set to be providing the writing and direction of the upcoming third installment, and has said that he has long envisioned the franchise as a trilogy. Well, one can only hope that the third film in the franchise flies higher than both of its predecessors, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments section if you think a third film in the franchise will do well, or if it will fail to hold up to the success of the first two films.



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