Hudson Mohawke + Antony – Indian Steps | Music Video

Hudson Mohawke Indian Steps


The new video for Hudson Mohawke‘s “Indian Steps” is one of the most intimate videos I’ve ever seen. There is barely any movement from the two people who feature, but it’s the the vulnerability portrayed through nakedness and old age coupled with the romantic embrace that makes it significant. Additionally, the close-up shots create a deep connection between the viewer and the couple.


The inspiration for the video was taken from Auguste Rodin‘s sculpture “The Kiss” according to director Daniel Sannwald. Sannwald goes on to say that “I wanted to use them as a symbol of time but also to capture the beauty of such vulnerability. I strongly believe that every deep love has its own place and space and therefore lives on forever“.


The song comes from Hudson Mohawke’s June release Lantern. Watch the enthralling music video below.




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