Hudson Scott – Panning For Gold | New Music



Hudson Scott has a new single out now and this time he takes us to a journey about discovering or panning for gold in our relationships. It is true that all of us wish to find a good and healthy relationship with someone, but also as we all know unfortunately this is very difficult in the twenty first century era. But this doesn’t mean that we have forgotten this goal of ours or not love to speak about it, or listen to a song about love and relationships.


So Hudson’s latest release on Soundcloud is entitled “Panning For Gold”, and is all about those feelings of meeting and falling in love with the right one. In his track he uses clever lyrics with irresistible pop synths and by having a bassline which is highlighting the song and his addictive vocal sounds, this song is definitely an uplifting dance track with some alternative elements in it.


So if you want check it out below and join his pop danceful atmosphere this fine day!




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