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It’s less than two months until the release of Logan, which bittersweetly equals less than two months until Hugh Jackman hangs up his claws as Wolverine. While it’s probably about time for the Australian actor to move on, it’s still tough to comprehend that an actor so ubiquitous with a major superhero – and a huge part of the 21st century boom in superhero movies becoming mainstream – will no longer be a part of our lives as Wolverine.


Until the finality of Logan though, Jackman is revelling in drip-feeding us snippets of his swansong film. Jackman took to twitter to post an ominous, half-synopsis half-poem detailing the outline of his final outing as Wolverine.


Much like the trailer that dropped a few months ago that fused an ageing, forlorn Logan with Johnny Cash‘s famously melancholic cover of Nine Inch Nails“Hurt”, the tone of the film seems to be veering away from the action-centric tone that the X-Men franchise originally found success with, and towards a painful farewell for a character that has inhabited the pop culture world for over a decade.


Jackman will be hoping that the film is an apt farewell for him, and, thanks to the success of Deadpool, is probably ecstatic at the freedom an R-Rated version of the character will be allowed.


Logan hits cinemas on Friday, March 3.




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