Hugh Jackman To Star In ‘The Odyssey’ | Film News


Hugh Jackman has recently (and repeatedly) claimed his next movie as Wolverine will be his last, so he is in vital need of a new iconic blockbuster role. You don’t get more iconic than an adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey, with a starring role as Odysseus – nor do you get more epic, with a decade-spanning narrative, as Odysseus makes the long journey home to find his family following the fall of troy.


It was announced earlier this year that the film, to be directed by Francis Lawrence (director of the three Hunger Games sequels), will be split into two parts, ensuring the film’s epic vision will be fully realised on the screen. With Hugh Jackman onboard, studio Lionsgate appear to be putting the production onto the fast track, with filming expecting to begin as early as the new year.



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