George Miller Rumoured To Direct ‘Man Of Steel 2’ | Film News


With Zack Snyder having wrapped directorial duties for Batman vs. Superman, followed by him behind the camera for 2017’s Justice League movie straight after, it seems that Warner Bros. plans for their DC cinematic universe have all revolved around having Snyder as director. Well, according to Jon Schnepp, the director behind documentary Superman Lives – What Happened?, he has heard rumours that for the eventual Man of Steel sequel, the directorial reigns will be handed over to a far more interesting director: Australian director George Miller.


Fresh off getting the best reviews of his career for Mad Max: Fury Road, all eyes were looking towards Miller for a sequel to the Tom Hardy-starring reboot, which he has mentioned in interviews, he already has a story for. Yet after his aborted attempts to make a Justice League movie of his own after 2007, it isn’t entirely unlikely he may leave behind his most beloved action creation in order to make a Superman movie of his own. As I’m not a fan of Zack Snyder’s style, having George Miller behind the camera is a significant improvement – I for one hope this rumour turns out to be true.



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