‘I Like Mixing Up Roles’ Says Bryan Cranston | Film News



To many, Bryan Cranston will always be that clumsy and comedic dad Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. While many others might recognise him for the contrasting and more successful role of chemistry teacher turned Drug Dealer from AMC’s Breaking Bad. No matter whichever it is, no one can deny the 59 year old’s talent for acting and it is apparent that he’s not the type to stick to a specific role.


Speaking with Total Film magazine “I do like to move around and keep people guessing… I want to be silly. I want to be in sincere important stories as well. I did (2014’s) Godzilla because I loved Godzilla as a child. If I’m a little scared of a project, it’s probably a good one”. He currently has a number of films on the works at the moment, with Trumbo and Kung Fu Panda 3 being some of the bigger projects for the actor this year.


“I would retire tomorrow if I ever got bored with what I do” he continued. “I love the process. I love digging in and I even love the arguments because artistic frustration is embedded in every work. But when I’m leading the cast or producing a show, I don’t allow b***hing. I want to be around creative people because it’s a fascinating”. We certainly look forward in seeing more of his works soon, and happy to see that he’s more than eager to work on practically anything that interests him.



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