Icelandic Rising Star VALDIS Drops New Single ‘Maze’ | Music News


Emerging Icelandic pop singer VALDIS has just unveiled her newest single “Maze”. This is already her fourth release in 2020, after three other singles. The single, like her three previous drops, was self-released.


“Maze” is a bass-driven pop banger, that sees VALDIS’s sultry vocals soar effortlessly over a minimalist yet effective production. Apart from the singer’s infectious melodies and beautiful harmonies, the only main instruments are the catchy bass-line, the kick drum and finger snaps.


This minimalist production highlights the very personal message of the song, in which VALDIS describes the anxiety she has dealt with on a day to day basis. The “maze” she evocates is a metaphor to designates her mind, and how complicated it is to repeatedly be stuck in your own head.


VALDIS is a contemporary pop singer, that merges textural sounds and rhythmic drums to create haunting records. Born and raised in Iceland, she graduated from the Complete Vocal Institute of Copenhagen, and she participated and won a few singing competitions in her home country.


She started self-releasing her songs in 2020. Her songwriting is influenced by past life experiences, such as anxiety, relationships or broken friendships.


We recommend you listen to the track and her other pieces of work if you’re a fan of energetic pop songs, and we’ll definitely keep an eye on VALDIS’s next projects.


Go listen to the track right now:




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