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At the end of Luther‘s final third series, it looked like we would have one less great British TV show that we could show off to the Americans as proof we can do as good if not a better cop drama than them. Thanks to the show’s return that won’t be the case as Luther actor Idris Elba says, “I don’t think [series creator] Neil Cross or I were satisfied with the ending of the last one”.


Elba continued, “It felt like there were some unanswered questions. I don’t think we ever really resolved whether it was going to be the end – I think that version of Luther had stopped and now I think this version of Luther – which is slightly older and a little bit wiser – begins a next chapter”.


It’s surprising the series is even happening at all as Elba is becoming a known star getting big roles in films like Prometheus and Thor. The new series may only get a brief two episode outing but Elba seems like it’s for the best of the show; “It’s really tough to sustain that sort of angst”, he argued. “You’d have to dilute it to make it work, and honestly I think you’d get bored of ‘story of the week’ type drama in a show like this. I think the smaller bite-sizes are better and more impactful. There’s no reason why we couldn’t do another 6-parter, but I suspect that would be the end of me“.


Idris Elba remains confident that the feature length Luther film will be made as he feels the new series is more a two-hour pilot to the film, but ultimately “it takes time”, he said. “It’s really about when Neil and I are ready to pull that off”.



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