Idris Elba Is The Sensational Face Of Calvin Klein Spring 2024 Campaign

Calvin Klein has just launched its Spring 2024 men’s clothing campaign, featuring the 51-year-old actor Idris Elba. The black and white photos, captured by the renowned photographer Mert Alas, showcase Elba in iconic Calvin Klein outfits, including the classic trench coat, Seersucker zip-up jacket, and satin bomber jacket.

The campaign, marking the first collaboration between Elba and the legendary brand, highlights a “new slim combination” featuring a sleek silhouette in tailored wool, satin, and cotton. Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 collection is characterized by bold and effortless minimalism, reflecting the brand’s distinctive style.

The images depict Elba in various artistic poses, becoming the new face of the collection that continues to explore the world of Calvin Klein. Elba, in an interview with Vanity Fair, expressed his excitement about being chosen for the campaign, stating that he simply wanted to be himself in classic Calvin Klein photos without trying to reinvent the wheel.

The behind-the-scenes video, exclusively shared with PEOPLE, provides a glimpse of Elba’s playful side during the photo shoot, laughing and having fun while wearing the brand’s new men’s styles.Calvin Klein, known for its underwear campaigns featuring celebrities like Michael B.

Jordan and Kendall Jenner, opted for a fully clothed approach with Elba. Unlike other brand campaigns, Elba preferred to be dressed from head to toe, showcasing his preference for clean, simple, and functional clothing for everyday wear.

The second phase of the Spring 2024 campaign features Elba in iconic sportswear from Calvin Klein, capturing his charisma in front of the camera. This collaboration with photographer Mert Alas, though not their first, is described as the most widely publicized campaign the duo has worked on together.

The British star, who also played a role in the men’s clothing campaign, expresses his comfort in front of the camera, stating that the collection’s clothing will now be an integral part of his daily wardrobe.

In conclusion, Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 campaign with Idris Elba offers a bold new perspective while staying true to the brand’s classic aesthetic. With Elba as the new face, the campaign celebrates individuality, confidence, and Calvin Klein’s distinctive lifestyle.


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