Indecision Over Possible Female Lead For ‘Robin Hood: Origins’ | Film News



Already set to star Kingsman’s Taron Egerton, the new Robin Hood film is hoping to start production in 2016. However, there is currently still some indecision as to who the female lead should be. Gugu Mbatha Raw (Doctor Who, Belle) and Eve Hewson (The Knick) are listed as potential candidates for the role alongside Dutch actress Gaite Jansen and Lucy Fry (Vampire Academy).


Claiming to give the tale more of gritty tone, the film will be directed by Otto Bathurst and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s company Appian Way and Tory Tunnell under Safehouse Pictures. The film will depict Robin’s return from the Crusades and, after the discovery of corruption in Nottingham, the recruit of his merry men as a result. Whilst a gritty retelling seems more than enticing, I believe what would make us truly merry is seeing Taron Egerton back on the big screen after his triumph in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Yes, please.



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