India.Arie – That Magic | Music Video


Inida.Arie is back with her hit song “That Magic”, and the video for it is even better than we’d hoped. Celebrating the beauty of being black in a world that seems to reject her skin, Arie reminds us to love ourselves no matter what.


“That Magic” explores the relationship she has with her man, and, uncommon in society today, the song explores the beauty, power and intellect of a black man, which is often overlooked in music. The song reminds us of some of her classics like “Brown Skin” and “Coaco Butter”.


Not to mention, the stunning visuals of the video help to further enhance this beauty, as we see her focus is not just on men, but on herself – a reminder that we can only love others if we first love ourselves.


In the song she mentions that “everything about this man is made especially for me”, implying that she knows exactly who ‘me’ is, and by doing so, she is able to identify her perfect match.


So while it is a song about praising men, which seems to be very relevant at the moment considering men’s mental health is plummeting, it also emphasises a self love that all of us can relate to on an emotional level.


See the video for “That Magic” below.




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