Indian Artist Bulli Bainbridge Shares New Track ‘Runnin’

Zain Calcuttawala, also known as Bulli Bainbridge, has unveiled his latest track, “Runnin.”

Bulli Bainbridge has made a mark in the world of independent music in India as a visionary curator and maestro. His creation, Indie Remixed, initially captured attention on Instagram before making waves on global platforms with its moving interpretations.

Calcuttawala’s musical journey unfolds through a thoughtful series of remixes, paying homage to the beautiful emerging independent melodies of India. Each week from mid-November to early February, he revealed a captivating remix of an independent song on Instagram Reel. This comprises 12 distinct tracks, promising a sonic experience transcending genres and captivating a diverse audience.

The first gem of this collection, the official remix of Raghav Meattle’s “City Life,” was unveiled in December 2023, showcasing Calcuttawala’s creative talent. The second official remix, “Runnin” by Shalmali Kholgade, was released on February 16, 2024, offering a reimagined version of this standout track from Kholgade’s 2022 album, “2XSideB.”

Calcuttawala has paved the way for three more full remixes later in the year, presenting enchanting interpretations of “Everybody Dances to Techno” by Dot, “September Embers” by Anoushka Maskey, and “Ruby” by Tejas. These remixes will be enriched with complete orchestral performances, promising a musical experience transcending borders.

This exceptional sonic experience is not limited to a local audience; it enjoys global distribution through The Orchard on London’s Bohemia Junction Recording Co. This label, an imprint of Bohemia Junction Ltd founded by composer/producer Andrew T. Mackay, specializes in India and worldwide transgene music, creating a harmonious blend of global influences.

Zain Calcuttawala, with a background as a manager of artists and concert programmer at BlueFrog and OML, collaborated with personalities such as Megadeth, Imogen Heap, and T-Pain. Since transitioning to a music producer in 2014, he has contributed creatively to various artists, including Raghav Meattle, Bhrigu Sahni, Irfana, and Akshath.

In addition to his studio talent, Calcuttawala released his debut album, Seasons, in January 2023, featuring notable collaborations with Shalmali Kholgade and Siddharth Basrur. Beyond music, he has also made significant contributions to mental health awareness by creating the first Indian podcast on mental health, ‘Marbles Lost & Found,’ praised by publications such as Vogue Magazine and BBC Cultural Frontline.

While eagerly awaiting the reveal of each meticulously crafted remix, you can already listen to “Runnin” from Zain Calcuttawala’s Indie Remixed” below!


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