Indie Folk Twin Sister Duo LULLANAS Release New Single ’24/7′

LULLANAS, a captivating musical duo formed by twins Atisha and Nishita Lulla, continues to enchant audiences with their unique sound and heartfelt performances.

The pair, known for their dynamic presence and versatility, have graced various stages, including unconventional venues like graveyards, vividly demonstrating their commitment to sharing their music.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Atisha and Nishita grew up in an environment where music was more than just background noise; it was an integral part of their family life. Their childhood was filled with road trips where the melodies of The Beatles, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, and Johnny Cash, favorites of their parents, filled the air, igniting their love for music.

Nishita’s early gift of a guitar was a pivotal moment, deepening her passion for music. At the same time, Atisha’s experience interning at a recording studio further fueled their shared musical journey. This combination of experiences led to the birth of LULLANAS, marking the beginning of their songwriting and musical adventures.

A memorable family trip to India became a turning point for LULLANAS. In an unexpected twist of fate, they stumbled upon a converted cotton mill-turned-recording studio, which inspired their breakthrough track, “Don’t Say.” This song’s remarkable success on Spotify, amassing over 1.3 million streams, catapulted the duo into the spotlight and led to a deal with Nettwerk Music Group.

With a blend of reflective past experiences and a bright outlook on the future, Atisha and Nishita, the talent behind LULLANAS, have now released their latest single “24/7.” This new offering is a testament to their evolving artistry and the deep connection they share as musicians and siblings.

Discover the soulful harmonies and poignant storytelling of LULLANAS by listening to their latest single “24/7” below.


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