New York Based Artist Kep Lockhart Shares ‘Biz’ From ‘Best Regards’ Album

Emerging talent Kep Lockhart has recently released his captivating new single “Biz,” an intriguing exploration of maintaining privacy in personal relationships, set against a backdrop of lively beats and engaging storytelling. The song is a standout track from his latest album Best Regards.

In “Biz,” Lockhart adeptly delves into the complexities of balancing time with a significant other while keeping their moments private. The track addresses the importance of keeping personal “business” away from prying eyes, emphasizing the value of preserving intimate moments.

This theme is wrapped in Kep’s ingenious lyrics, subtly cunning yet profoundly relatable, showcasing his growing stature as an artist who connects with audiences on various levels.

Kep Lockhart’s journey in music is as unique as his sound. Having moved from the Commonwealth of Dominica to New York City at the tender age of 7, music became a crucial part of his assimilation into American culture.

His early love for music saw him singing along to tunes with a TV remote in hand, a prelude to his deep dive into the intricacies of music production and the legal aspects of the industry.

However, Lockhart’s story is not the typical narrative of abandoning a professional career for the arts. While attending law school, he wrote, recorded, and released his debut album Kharma.

Currently, he juggles his career as a full-time attorney in New York City with his passion for music, embodying a modern-day Renaissance man who excels in both law and the arts.

“Biz” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to Kep Lockhart’s ability to craft music that resonates with listeners on a personal level. With its catchy tune and profound message about the sanctity of personal relationships, “Biz” invites listeners to reflect on the importance of privacy and intimacy in their own lives.

As Lockhart continues to balance his dual careers, he stands out as a remarkable example of passion and dedication, making a significant impact in both the legal and music worlds.

Listen to “Biz” below!


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