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Indie Rock artist Cape Francis has released the first single “Just Because” of his third LP coming out this fall. Cape Francis is a solo project started by guitarist and vocalist Kevin Olken Henthorn.


With his forthcoming project Plateaus, due out on Sleep Well Records, he wants to reflect the past failures from his twenties and deals with mental health as main topic.


Throughout most of my twenties I was in denial of the fact that I could seriously use therapy. My relationships with people and my partner became strained over time because I wasn’t actually taking care of my own mental health“, he says. At last Henthorn could accepted help and wrote “Just Because” as a reminder to keep working on his mental health.


“Just Because” envisions a world in which Henthorn wasn’t open for any help and advice. Furthermore the song emphasizes the inner emotions of neurosis and anxiety with sensitive lyrics. Therefore parts of the lyrics are critical towards himself. “I’m sick of blaming everything else on everyone so I can pretend it ain’t my bad”, he sings.


The song delivers a sad indie-rock sound with a sorrowful melody. After the break up of a former band that worked heavily in traditional pop structures and production, Henthorn started Cape Francis as a way to break form. He’s working with a natural flow of instrumentation and storytelling now.


Cape Francis’s sound is centered around finger picked electric guitar, and simple arrangements of percussion and synthesizers. Plateaus will offer a clear view on the inevitable hurdles of mental disorders. For now “Just Because“ delivers an first insight and visualizes the path forward.


Listen to the single “Just Because” below:




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