French Singer Eva May Shares New Track ‘Monday’ From ‘Wonderland’ Album | Music News


In June, French singer Eva May unveiled her first album titled Wonderland, with the young woman from the south of France marking her introduction to the international music industry. Wonderland is the result of a collaboration with the artist Neptune Orizon.


Eva discovered her passion for music from a very young age. She started music at the age of 5 and discovered singing when she was 11, and music was always an essential medium for her to express herself and share stories with people.


In 2018, she met Neptune Orizon and they started to collaborate on musical projects. This collaboration finally led to the creation of Eva May’s first album Wonderland. The album is a mix of downtempo, trip hop and chillout music with a touch of electronic pop and hip-hop beats.



Wonderland takes us into another world of emotions, especially emotions that come up when our expectations are colliding with the reality. Eva May expresses her past experiences, her desires and dreams through the album. Nevertheless the album is shaped by lightness and strength.


Monday” from Wonderland is her “most proud of song” from the entire album. Electronic chill-beats leads you to a dreamy universe with only good vibes, listen to it below.




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