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After the release of their first single “I Don’t Know” on February 28, the independent rock band Anchor The Sun have released the second single from their first EP, “Not Enough”, on April 17! It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. The band consists of Lilly J on guitar and vocals, Bruno Prado on bass and vocals and Michael Nash on drums and percussion.


The band Anchor the Sun is inspired by different artists and groups such as Aerosmith, Big Thief, Foo Fighters, Paralamas do Sucesso, Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd. Their first single “I Don’t Know” released earlier this year was critically acclaimed. LEFUTURWAVE called it “outstanding” and Amazing Radio described it as “absolutely superb”.


In the single “Not Enough”, Lilly puts her voice and guitar lines on bass and drums. The song is about personal growth after a break-up. It talks about the fact that love alone is not enough in a relationship, and that compassion, honesty, self-awareness and understanding are equally important in a relationship.


During these complicated times, we all need to take our minds off things and think about something else. And that’s good, because “Not Enough” is perfect for a musical escape!


Listen to it here:




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