Sydney Producer MXXWLL Releases New Single ‘Light Turn Green’ | Music News


Sydney-born producer MXXWLL has dropped his newest single “Light Turn Green” together with a catchy music video, while he gets ready to release his debut album Sheeesh, expected to come out on May, 22.


The multi-instrumentalist made his name stand out from the hip-hop music scene, as he found admiration from iconic artists like Snoop Dogg and DJ Jazzy Jeff and got support from notable magazines like Clash, that has written: “MXXWLL is hailed as one of the leaders of hip hop’s next generation”.


With surely a bright future ahead of him, for his engaging new track MXXWLL successfully collaborated with John Givez, Rae Khalil and NY producer Carrtoons, as they are surely set to grab you mind with “Light Turn Green”, a driving track which features catchy hip-hop beats and pulsating rhythm.


The artist found inspiration to compose the song when he first arrived in Los Angeles, and the city is also the perfect setting for the music video accompanying the release. The visuals will bring you on a car trip around the sunny streets and the iconic palms of LA, so make sure you do not miss it if you want to escape your room for a few minutes!


Watch it here:




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